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Age Calculator

Calculate age from date of birth to current date

Calculate when you will be at a certain age


An age calculator is a tool which is use for counting the day, month, year, hour, minute, second of your birth. With the help of this you can know how much time you have done of your birth. It is not easy to come to know the perfect timing of your birth without using calculator . It is more easy to find the age with the calculator rather then using notebook and pen.

How to use calculator

To use this calculator you just need to put your month, date, year in the mentioned inputs and the click on button calculate which is given below. And if you have put wrong information of your birth you also can reset. The result will be shown in age result box which is also mentioned below.

On the other hand you also can find that how many days are remaining in your upcoming birthday. For this an another calculator is there . to finding the left days of your next birthday put your date of birth in the inputs and then click on calculate button blow. If you have mentioned wrong information then you can reset that and click on calculate and see the result below. It will also mention your age .